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PageOrientation - Enum in com.deltawalker.script
PageSettings - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
Represents page-related settings the user can control.
PatchFormat - Enum in com.deltawalker.script
Defines the possible formats of a patch.
PathFilter - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
In folder comparison, allows for exclusion/inclusion of files and/or folders based on a shell or regular expression matching their name or path.
Principal - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
print() - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.Comparison
Prints this comparison to a printer or a PDF file using the PrinterSettings and PageSettings
PrinterSettings - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
Represents the printer related settings the user can control.
PrintScope - Enum in com.deltawalker.script
Enumerates the possible page ranges to be printed.
ProgressListener - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
An interface to be implemented by callers interested in the progress of a particular long-running job, such as a folder comparison or a synchronization operation.
properties() - Method in class com.deltawalker.script.UriInfo
Returns the properties of this UriInfo
property(String, Object) - Method in class com.deltawalker.script.UriInfo
Returns the value of the property with the specified name/key.