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deleteResource(DeltaNode[], Role[], SyncProgressListener) - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.FolderComparison
Deletes the Resource-s in the specified DeltaNode-s, identified by the specified Role-s.
deleteText(DeltaRange[], Role[], ProgressListener) - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.TextComparison
Deletes the text in the comparable identified by the specified Role belonging to the specified DeltaNode-s.
Delta - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
A Delta represents one or more relations/pairs of comparable entities such as file-system resources, blocks of text, XML nodes, and so on, as well as the Delta.Kind of delta/difference between the comparables in each pair.
Delta.Kind - Enum in com.deltawalker.script
DeltaNode - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
The basic building unit of a hierarchical comparison data model.
DeltaNodeDetail - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
Carries additional detailed information about the results of a comparison such as: the Comparison.Method used to perform the comparison.
DeltaRange - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
Represents a text comparison delta that includes the offset and the length of a range of characters together with the Delta.Kind they represent.
detail(Role[]) - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.DeltaNode
Returns detailed differencing info for the comparable identified by the specified relation.
done() - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.ProgressListener
Notifies that the work is done; that is, either the main task is completed or the user canceled it.
DuplexMode - Enum in com.deltawalker.script
Represents the duplex mode a printer might possibly support.