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hasAttribute(Resource.Attribute) - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.Resource
Answers whether this resource has the specified Resource.Attribute, false if it doesn't.
hasChildren() - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.Delta
Answers whether [one or more of the elements/comparables of] this node has children based on information available so far i.e.
hasDifferences() - Method in interface com.deltawalker.script.Comparison
Answers whether the comparison analysis performed by Comparison.compare() found any differences between the comparables participating in this comparison.
hashCode() - Method in class com.deltawalker.script.Rectangle
Returns an integer hash code for the receiver.
height - Variable in class com.deltawalker.script.Rectangle
the height of the rectangle
HistoryEntry - Interface in com.deltawalker.script
A comparison HistoryEntry holds information about a comparison performed in the past.