All Comparisons

Use the All Comparisons preference page to change the following preferences common to both file and folder comparison:





Use text differencing optimized for speed/accuracy

Allows you to selects b/n two differencing algorithms - one optimized for speed and one optimized for accuracy. The difference in accuracy b/n these algorithms is often none, or minimal.

Optimize for speed

Ignore differences in whitespace

Selecting this option instructs DeltaWalker to ignore whitespace—spaces and tabs—when comparing files.


Ignore differences in character case

Select this preference to have DeltaWalker ignore the care of characters when comparing files.


Ignore differences in line endings (CR and LF)

Turn this option on when you want differences in line delimiters—Windows (CR LF), UNIX (LF), and Mac OS 9 (CR)—to be ignored during file comparison.


File and folder comparison history size

Use this option to set the desired size of file and folder comparison history i.e. sessions.


Launch most recent comparison(s) on startup

When this option is on the most recent file and/or folder comparison(s) will be loaded and run automatically when DeltaWalker starts up.


Follow symbolic links

When checked DeltaWalker works with the file or folder a symbolic link points to. When unchecked it works with the contents of the symbolic link itself.
Available on Mac OS X and Linux.



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