Text Comparisons

Use this preference page to customize certain aspects of the way files are edited in DeltaWalker. Other, text-editor-specific, options are available in can be changed on the Text Comparison > Editors page.





Allow editing read-only files

Check this option to enable editing of read-only files inside the text editors. Prior to saving, you will still be prompted to confirm the overwrite of a read-only file. When unchecked the text editors displaying read-only files will not be editable.


Notify when files are modified on diskp

Select this option to get notified when a file currently opened for comparison in DeltaWalker has been modified on the disk by other applications. You will be able to reload such files.

Note: Reloading externally modified files that have been changed inside DeltaWalker will result in a loss of those changes.


Notify when files are deleted or moved on disk

When selected DeltaWalker will notify you when a file currently opened for comparison has been externally deleted or moved.


New text file character set

Select the "default" language, or the character set, for new text files created in DeltaWalker. Unless you explicitly change the character encoding you select here, this will be the encoding the new file will be saved with.


New text file line delimiter


Select the "default" line delimiter for new text files created in DeltaWalker. The default value of this option is system dependent - Windows for the Windows OS, and Unix for Linux and Mac OS X.

Windows (on Windows);
Unix (on Mac OS X and Linux)

When loading Office docs break lines at column

Check this option if you want DeltaWalker to insert line delimiters at the specified column when loading PDF and Microsoft Office documents e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This prevents long paragraphs from flowing beyond the editor's width and makes for an easier comparison.
Use with caution as it's both CPU and memory intensive.



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